Mirror Image (2001)

Mirror Image (2001)

Tung-Ching’s life has changed since a car accident three months ago. The lifeline on his right hand was scratched off in this incident. A nurse told him that his life is no longer controlled by fate but has become unpredictable since then. Three months later, Tung-Ching’s father has suffered a stroke so he has to take over the family pawnshop. His girlfriend, Eiko, who is interested in palm reading, wants to retrieve Tung-Ching’s lifeline. However, Tung-Ching is apathetic to know what the future holds. He starts to flirt with one of his female customers who he names her “ Know-all”.

Released: 2001-04-07
Duration: 75 min
Country: Taiwan
Production: Hsiao Ya-chuan

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