$1000 a Minute (1935)

$1000 a Minute (1935)

Two rich and wealthy millionaires who have a lot of money bet that reporter Robert Pryor can’t spend $720,000 in twelve hours. If you’re asking “Why $720,000?”, the answer is: because this Republic programmer is titled $1000 a Minute . Anyway, a couple of cops spot Pryor flashing a roll of bills, and deduce that he’s the bank robber they’re looking for. For the rest of the film, Pryor must race around to spend his money, while remaining two steps ahead of the Law. The supporting actors in $1000 a Minute are delightfully cast to type, from Edgar Kennedy as a detective to Sterling Holloway as a helpful cabbie.

Duration: 70 min
Country: USA
Production: Aubrey Scotto

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